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Human Resources Management

HR Policy and Procedure Review and Development

Ensuring the success of an organization and a work environment is a shared responsibility between all
employees and the organization. Human Resource policies and procedures put into action an organization’s
values and terms of employment. They clearly articulate the privileges, benefits and responsibilities people
have as employees of an organization. Human Resource policies and procedures support all administrative
personnel functions, performance management, employee relations and resource planning. Each company
has a unique set of circumstances, and so must develop an individual set of human resource policies and
procedures that are consistent and understandable by all employees.

Rudy Small Consulting works with organizations to:

Performance Management Development

Organizations are increasingly aware of the merits of employing performance management systems in
order to ensure that high quality services are supplied to their customers / stakeholders.

Ideally the system is a set of integrated management practices that should cover all the key elements of
an organization's business, which should be reflected in its Vision, Values and Mission statement. This
process allows the organization to get the right thing done and help increase employees' satisfaction with
their work and the organization.

Labour Relations Interpretation and Advice

Labor relations refer broadly to any dealings between management and workers about employment
conditions. Most commonly, however, labor relations refers to dealings between management and a
workforce that is already unionized, or has the potential to become unionized.

The Labour Relations Code of British Columbia is the statute that regulates labour relations and collective
bargaining in this province. Whether you are an employee or an employer, it is important that you
understand your rights and obligations under the Code.

Labour Relation Consultants also provide interpretations and expert consulting on collective agreement,
legislation, regulations and directives that allow for accurate, creative and practical solutions to complex
worksite situations which enables employees to meet operational demands within regulatory constraints.